The names of the presiding deities of the temple at the top of Parvatha Malai, similar to the one at 'Srisailam' temple in Andhra Pradesh (India) also has equal or more 'powers' in bestowing grace to the devotees and redressing their grievances. Milk is preferred for the pujas and there are no sacrifices offered. Oil for the temple lamp, flowers and 'Vilvam leaf' have to be taken to the top from bottom by the devotees who wish to perform pujas. Food packs, drinking water, torch light and woollen shawl also have to be taken with them.

At night times 'Jyothi' (brightness) can be witnessed on the cheeks of lordess Brahmarambika. This is a rare phenomenon in no other deities in any temple can be seen. When the devotee recede as far back from the deity, (Lordess Brahmarambika) sanctum sanatorium, the size of the deity appears to increase in size instead of diminishing and is seen that the deity steps up forward and approaches towards the devotee. One has to see it to believe it ! when 'camphor is lighted up before the Lord Malligarjun and viewed from a distance while worshipping, the images of serpent, trident and drum appears in the camphor light. When a devotee 'Chants' 'OM' mantra sincerely 108 times before the Lord Malligarjun in the 'Sanctum sanatorium', he/she can clearly hear 'Silent whisper' of 'OM' mantra from behind.

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(i) Electricity
Though there is no source of power at the top of the hill, a small portable genset (2000 w) donated by a philanthropist, function and light up the area and the building at night time.

(ii) Telephone:
A mobile Cell Phone is working at the top, which establishes contact with the Ashram down below as well as outside. The contact with the Ashram.........