Just like in Thiruvannamalai, at Parvatha Malai also, 'GIRIVALAM' (trekking the path around the hill) is said to be virtuous and beneficial and devotees from different corners throng to undertake 'GIRIVALAM' on full moon day every month of the year. Especially the first day of Tamil month 'MARGAZHI' is famous and important. Thousands of devotees visit Parvatha Malai for this 'Special GIRIVALAM' that particular day and are blessed by the grace of Lord Malligarjun and Lordess Brahmarambika. The 'GIRIVALAM' path of Parvatha Malai is 25 kms. and it takes about 8 hours to complete, while Thiruvannamalai GIRIVALAM path is 14 kms and it takes about 4 hours to cover. The GIRIVALAM path of Parvatha Malai is virgin and as such Govt. and other agencies are planning to improve the conditions of road and other facilities shortly.

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(i) Electricity
Though there is no source of power at the top of the hill, a small portable genset (2000 w) donated by a philanthropist, function and light up the area and the building at night time.

(ii) Telephone:
A mobile Cell Phone is working at the top, which establishes contact with the Ashram down below as well as outside. The contact with the Ashram.........