History Of  The Temple

The temple has no doors or compound wall and also no 'priests' to perform 'pujas'. The visiting devotees themselves can perform 'pujas', do 'abisheham' and 'arathanas' like in most of the North Indian temples. 'Nishta' is reached in no time when one performs 'meditation' at the top of the hill (that is the power of the 'vibration' of the hill and the presiding deities). Few devotees have experienced 'Miracles' in the hill and the temple. One has to personally experience to believe them. In many cases such 'miracles' have been encountered by few fortunate devotees when they stay overnight in the hill/ temple.

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(i) Electricity
Though there is no source of power at the top of the hill, a small portable genset (2000 w) donated by a philanthropist, function and light up the area and the building at night time.

(ii) Telephone:
A mobile Cell Phone is working at the top, which establishes contact with the Ashram down below as well as outside. The contact with the Ashram.........